Saturday, December 22, 2012

Red Barn in a Red Poppy Field Painting

In case you are wondering where I come up with Midwestern landscape paintings with red poppies in them, well they are definitely from my imagination, as poppies are not a field crop in the Heartland.  We have grown quite a few varieties of flowers on our old farmstead over the years.  In a small naturalized meadow area I had planted seeds for the red Flanders Poppies, and they did naturalize there for us for a number of years.  These are the poppies that are thought of on Veteran's day and were known for growing on the damaged battlefields in Europe, especially from WWI in Flanders Field, Belgium.  I love the bright color of these poppies and decided to work them into my landscapes, when I think they will work well in a painting.   This piece is my newest painting that I just finished up this week.   

Red Barn in a Red Poppy Field

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas 16" x 8"
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