Thursday, December 27, 2012

Topographic Map or Layers of Paint are on my Easel?

I have had people that see my easel in person, comment on the paint layers on it. I thought I would post a close up photo of it now. To me it sort of looks like a distant, topographic map of a mountain range. The appearance of the outer layer changes over time, depending upon what colors I am using on the lower land area on a painting.

One of my sons walked by my computer monitor, as I was working on cropping this image and said "what is that, it looks like concrete, boy you need to clean that"! I told him that it gives it character. Can you guess how many years I have been using this easel?

Here is a close up of one of my new paintings that I am working on this week. It looks very rough yet. At this point I have painted in the sky and ground area, and blocked in the house. Next, I will shadow the house and add windows. As I do that I will be working back and forth between the house and farm outbuildings also.

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