Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poppy Farm Painting currently on exhibit in Harrisonburg VA

In the Red Poppy Field
12 x 24" acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  
We are getting into my favorite time of year here in the Midwestern Heartland.  The newly planted fields are just starting to show rows of new corn coming though, against the beautiful rich black, prairie soils that we have been blessed with here in this part of the Midwest.  I love the clouds that float along our lovely blue summer skies, casting shadows across the fields as they go by.  Although poppies are not a crop grown in this part of the country, I love adding them to by farm scenes to go along with my iconic old red barns.  
If you happen to be on the east coast, this painting is currently on exhibit in Harrisonburg, VA at the Park Gables Gallery - VMRC, annual Juried Art Exhibition, until Sunday, June 30, 2013.  This piece was also previously exhibited at the Freeport Art Museum in Freeport, IL.

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