Friday, February 1, 2013

Rooster and Girl on a Country Walk

A New Pet

Well as you can guess, this painting is definitely from my imagination! I had this idea in my head for a few weeks, before I finally sat down to put it on canvas.  I decided on a rooster in this rural scene to go along with the girl who has appeared in some of my past paintings.   They are headed towards a small shed that came from my memories of an old well pump house, that was on the old farmstead that we rented years ago.  The rooster was one of a line of bantam mix chickens that we have had over the years.  He had beautiful colors in his feathers that glistened in the sun.This is another of my paintings that is headed to 'The Peaceable Kingdom: Animals, Real and Imagined' art show, at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, CA.


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