Thursday, February 14, 2013

Recycled Barn Out My Window

Here is the view of the top of my easel, looking out the window that I paint near.  Our old barn is very lucky to still be standing.  It almost went down in a bad spring storm that we had in the area almost 22 years ago now.   It was what they term a "Microburst" instead of a tornado.  Despite what it was named, it did take down several other old barns, on farms within a few miles of us, and left our barn badly leaning, but still standing.  We found a great family business, construction company in the area, that worked on old barns.  They used a system of telephone poles and cables, to pull the barn back into position, and then adding reinforcing at key points, to keep the barn standing straight again. 

This old barn was built in the 1920's and some of the old wooden beams in it were recycled from an earlier barn.  You can see the notches in some of them that obviously don't match up with any others in the barn.  We don't know if the beams came from a previous barn on this old farmstead, or were brought in from somewhere else.    

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