Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Painting is on my Easel Today?

I am working on a couple of small paintings right now. This is the painting that is on my easel today. The original knob wore out on the easel years ago, so my husband added an old faucet handle, to use as a knob instead. I like it better anyways! This new piece is of an old farmhouse with a distant barn and shed, on a very small 7 x 5" board. This is near the window that I paint by, with an overcast winter sky outside today. I prefer natural light but on days like this need some backup light also to paint by. A juniper bush outside the window, that I planted years ago (as a very small bush), needs another trim in the spring. I am almost done with this painting as I just have a few things to finish up on it yet. I am starting to think about spring here already, especially with the unusual warm weather here this week.


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